Our Values

Our purpose is to add value to how people feel, look and live.

Our Mission

We will achieve our vision by developing and creating own brands and by integrating businesses and value partners that help achieve our purpose.

There are five ‘blue zones’ on Earth, these are the parts of the world where people live the longest and tend to have better physical and mental health. The blue zones are: Icaria in Greece; Okinawa in Japan; Sardinia; Loma Linda in Calif and Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. Taking the first letter from each of these places created the word LINOS.
To embody the team and our future journey and truly make this word our own, we have implemented a ‘Y’ instead of an ‘I’.

Living well is about more than just health, it’s a lifestyle choice. The purpose of LYNOSLIFE is to help people feel, look and live better. Beyond beauty, we want to inspire this ethos in everyone who uses our products. LYNOSLIFE lives this purpose in everything we do, from our products to our people, to our clients and to our communities.

We see LYNOSLIFE as more than just a brand but as a philosophy for life!

Our Values


We approach everything we do with passion and heart. Heart means being brave. We are not afraid to take risks. Heart means taking on challenges that are bigger than us. We are ambitious to achieve. Heart means being resilient. When mistakes are made, we own and learn from them.

Heart is what keeps us moving forward, we’re in it for the long haul.


We’re a team. Everyone here has an important role to play. We hold the line for each other. We play with flair. We step up and we stand beside. We are loyal and supportive. We respect and look out for each other. We care.

We work together to win for our clients and for each other.


Integrity means we do the right thing, and that we do it for the right reasons. To us, our community of colleagues, partners and clients comes first.

People know they can trust and rely on us to act in their best interests every time.


We are creative and curious. This drives us to constantly search for new ideas and ways of working. We follow through to bring these ideas to life. We love to do things differently – some might even call us Mavericks.

By being agile in how we think and act; we always set the bar high.

Our Traits


We’re knowledgeable and passionate about what we do – some would call us experts, others ‘nerdy’. We have deep expertise when it comes to our work. We love creating new products, putting things together, solving problems and delivering for our clients. We like to share our knowledge by taking complex information and making it easy to understand.

We can’t hide our geeky enthusiasm for what we do!


We are fun-loving and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We could sometimes be described as ‘a character’ or even a little bit mad. All the same, we’re more than a joker, we love to connect with people, tell stories, and delve into topics.

Positive and animated, we are always good company.


We always push for more – more adventure, excitement and new horizons. We have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and an insatiable energy for exploration. We like to disrupt, innovate and provoke change.

People look to us for our views on the future and to see where we’re headed to next.


We’re the person you call when you have a problem that needs solving. We always show up. You can trust to be grounded, practical and strong. You know you can rely on us to deliver every time.

We will be beside you every step of the way.



We are agile in terms of how we work with our customers and each other. We are decisive and open to doing things differently. We are flexible and solution-focused.

We work in cross functional teams that make the most of our collective team knowledge.


We turn challenges into opportunities. We are knowledge-hungry. We are confident in our technical expertise.

We share the best of this expertise with customers through-out our full service product development process.


We do cool products. Come and join us.